2019 was great. We're ready for 2020.

hype4 year in review

2019 was a transformational year for us. We started working on two of our own startups (internally), wrote a book, lectured at many conferences both in and outside of Poland and worked on awesome products for our clients.

Hundreds of products

small team does hundreds of products

But one of the funnier events of this year was us going through old, external hard drives and finding most of the projects we worked on. Then we placed them all in one huge mosaic of over 400 different design works since 2010. That gave us perspective and with the knowledge and experience we got from those exact projects we can happily say we're now confident we can do great things and improve year after year.

We focused on a group of technologies and processes allowing us to deliver higher quality products based on systemic design approach (or full blown design systems if it fit the product purpose)


Munich at Google Campus

hype4 at google munich Early 2019 we visited Munich where during a Sketch Meetup at Google Campus we discussed how design work changed in the last 20 years.

Do Good S*!t!

do good shit wydarzenie sopot We also started our own event called DoGoodS*!t - focused on delivering quality without the ubiquitous UX "talk-fest". Straight to the point seems to have taken on as we're seeing growing numbers of attendees each month. Doing a live redesign in front of an audience is both stressful and exhilarating so we'll continue to do it even more :)

Read more about our lastest edition


michal malewicz design systems designways Later that year Michał talked about Design Systems at WUD Trójmiasto and DesignWays.


We also made three notable redesigns during our internal hackathon and you can read about each in more detail.

LinkedIn redesign

linkedin redesign

Read now

mObywatel Redesign

mObywatel redesign aplikacji

Read now

Chatbot for tax returns

taxbot - chatbot for tax returns

taxbot - chatbot for taxes

The book

During that short time we gathered over 2000 people in our mailing lists and we're on schedule with delivering the most comprehensive and detailed UI design book out there this January.

designing ui

Everything else

A couple of larger projects that we have worked on for the last few years are premiering early 2020, so can't wait to share those with you as well.

For now stay safe, healthy and have a great 2020!

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Building a "Design system" style library for social media materials

Quite recently we were showing a friend's company how we use design systems (and sometimes "just plain libraries") to automate and speed up some of our design processes. Unknowingly we've been also using it for our social media posts and materials. They were blown away by the speed and consistency in which a non-designer can build a complete post graphic.

Design + UX

European Congress of Small and Medium-size enterprises

During the Congress in Katowice we didn't have time to answer all the questions, so we're taking the time to do that now.