Blockchain in digital product creation - potential use cases

Currency talks aside - a decentralized, always available system has potential to actually solve a couple of problems in the process of building digital products. The ability to backwards-check every element and be hosting free at the same time could be a game changer in a couple of areas.

Blockchain Git Repository - code source control

One of the more obvious choices would be to create a Git blockchain and token in which people who share open source code on the blockchain get rewarded every time someone downloads and uses their code. By keeping the use-cases in a decentralized ledger the author could track of what exactly happened with the code. For example who used it and what further uses it had - in case it was used to build a completely different product later on.

There were outages for both GitHub and Bitbucket that were a problem for software driven companies (even if they only laster minutes). By having it in a blockchain that problem would also be eliminated. Some of the code could be simply set as private with a one-time token payment that's split between the network like a fee.

That way the software community would actually evolve on it's own - without companies and organizations.

Blockchain UI kits and Icon kits

Imagine creating a UI kit or an icon kit and putting it on the blockchain for everyone to use. Each time someone decides to use it you get credited with tokens. That would remove the middle men and actually let designers and creators be the true owners and proprietors of their merchandise. The blockchain could also help with both discoverability and quality control by re-issuing the most popular or upvoted products every few blocks again. The blockchain could also be used to rights attribution to secure the original authors rights to the created content.

User Experience heuristics

Every now and then a larger chunk of research on a UX related subject surfaces and we're facing another "ux fact". Whether it is "don't use the hamburger menu in apps" or "labels work better than icons on their own" the list is growing huge. By keeping that database (along with percentage results of research exercises) both UX designers and researchers could contribute to an evergrowing database od knowledge on how to build better and more refined products.

Useful and confirmed contributions would be rewarded by tokens that the knowledge base users contribute monthly.

As you can see that's just the tip of the iceberg of how we could use blockchain beyond payments to help us build great stuff.

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