Analysis of design trends in cryptocurrency websites


As some of you probably already know we have a cryptocurrency analytics startup - which is currently in Alpha (pre-release). Recently we took upon us an extremely difficult task of manually assesing the design quality of each of the over 2000 cryptocurrency websites. We judged them based on a couple of factors like overal quality, uniqueness, visuals quality, clarity, readability etc. The main factor that led to high scores was a website that was apparent to be designed especially for that project, including a matching color scheme, branding, illustrations or photos. We gave a positive score to a little over 60 websites, or 3%.

3% were good. The remaining 97% of the websites were either the same cheap wordpress templates or worse.

But we did notice some additional patterns.

Overused background pattern

Most overused gimmick was the node background animation in the header. This was literally on almost 20% of all the websites.

Animation overload

Another extremely annoying feature was animating landing page content while scrolling. Animation can bring in life to a product, but in this case it's compeltely overused. In those sites EVERYTHING animates in. There is nothing to guide your eye because the entire layout it constantly moving while scrolling. This is really bad.


Isometric imagery (mostly very similar to one another, even if custom made) was another element used in nearly 20% of the websites. More often than not it was however poorly executed. Example show here is from one of our own redesigns.

Color schemes

The most used colors were blue, purple, white and green.

The most often represented slogan was "a new global cryptocurrency", often stating that it's better with bitcoin, even with $1 daily trading volume.

You will be able to see the updated scores on next week and see which Cryptocurrency websites are the most refined and thought out.

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