Do Good Shit - HYPE4 design event in Sopot

We were always a bit different than a typical agency. Our goals and aspirations were never about replicating the success of "some guys in business suits" and fluorescent lights. It took a while to put into words, but our main philosophy can be summarised as "Do Good Shit!".

do good shit by hype4

While it sounds a bit over the top and can bee unprofessional to some, it has so far worked in landing us jobs we know we can deliver very well. That customer alignment is what drives us and we don't aim to please everyone. In order to truly "do good shit" we need to be on the same wavelength as our clients, not convince others we're good. They need to know it from the start.

So it was only natural, that our design event had to take that name. (There was a vote, but we sort of suspected this name will win.)

Just as the general digital product building industry, the "user experience" and events are often meaningless streams of long, industry jargon without much meaning.

The goal with our even, as with our main approach is simply in the name. No customer journey mapping. No affordances, heuristics and card sortings. No proto personas.

Design based by research, but in an easy to understand and quality based form. If we do research, the next step is to deliver the interface PERFECTLY. And those standards we want to share with our audiences. This is also what our book will be about.

do good shit event

Our first event - 15.10.2019

We work in both Warsaw and Sopot and decided to do our regular event by the sea. Warsaw will have a couple of events a year, while in Sopot we plan to do one each month.

Because we wanted a friendly, laid-back atmosphere we chose a hipster-coffee-and-beer place called Dwie Zmiany as the venue. With 55 seats available we filled them all and some people had to stand in the back (sorry for that!). We are super happy that so many designers showed up and backed the initiative. Our goal is to have Sopot become the center of "no bullshit, high quality design" in the country.


The event took 3 hours during which we talked about the book, did a short "App Roast" of some popular, big name apps and then redesigned the train booking experience "live". It was a completely new design, not based on the ideas of our previous one.

Results can be seen below: pkp checkout experience This is the original checkout experience (web)

good UI PKP Intercity checkout ux And this is a slightly modified version we came up with during the live event. (It was updated with additional 5 minute fixes later that evening)

intercity mobile app design The one on the left is just a menu. We decided to skip that part and go straight into the "useful" territory.

Our plan is to do these events regularly - each month in Sopot. You can read more about the initiative at:

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