Facebook Libra cryptocurrency launches (too early?)

Facebook's entry into the cryptocurrency world launched today. We still have yet to read the whitepaper but there are some first-minute impressions that are worth sharing here. While we can't speak for the technology, the marketing part seems a bit "rushed". We looked at the promo video and the marketing website and it seems not completely convincing. Given the fact that Facebook has a HUGE reach it will be adopted for sure, but still some things stand out.


The video itself has a pace and soundtrack that's more fitting for an action movie than something people can safely use to exchange money worldwide. We get it that the world is moving fast, but it'd probably worked better as a story (of people sending money to others) instead of seemingly random images from around the world, most of them unrelated to any transaction.

Landing page (calibra)

First thing we noticed is that there are some visual glitches in the wallet app design on the main page. Some labels got lost and one of the most common UI problems happens here too. Text on the buttons is not vertically centered on them. Of course these changes are easy and will probably be fixed very soon, but it's worth noticing they went out with that message from the start.

The landing page also suffers from animation overload (literally EVERYTHING moves into place as you scroll down) which is a bit chaotic. One of the other problems is whitespace - most often there's too little of it, but here it's definitely too much whitespace. Some sections are so far apart you end up scrolling through empty space way too often.

All in all it's a good direction, and will definitely be refined after launch (and most likely A/B tested as well). What do you think about Libra?

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