Have you noticed this about Facebook redesign?

Facebook has recently shown a new, group focused design that's cleaner, more modern and a lot different from the current offering.

Is it better? Time will tell. As usual people will protest the new and fight for what they already know, but most likely they'll adjust and like the redesign in time.

facebook redesign details

Most people looking at that design see some photos, text and colorful icons. What we don't notice - and it's what sets good design apart - is a grid that makes this complex group of elements work together in harmony.

Take a look at the below image. Of course the screenshot we had wasn't full resolution, but it was enough to show some proportion. We added a grid onto it, just like we check the quality of our coded products and here's what we've found.

  • Red is 3x green width.
  • Blue is 2x green width.
  • The baselines and icon centers in the left menu are all aligned to one another, even with different icon weights.

facebook redesign grid

We don't consciously notice that. However our brain does and this makes a world of difference. This is the level of quality and precision you should be taking if you want your app or website to be "the Apple" (or Facebook) of it's category. Details matter.

Do you like the Facebook redesign?

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