How to gain loyalty and trust from your users.


There are a couple of factors that are building trust in your product. It is crucial to nail them all, especially since some are much easier to accomplish than others. If you're a huge corporation then it's quite likely that you've gained trust by merely existing long enough, being regulated by governments and huge advertising campaigns. If you're an MVP in most cases you don't have all that.

So how to gain trust as a startup?

However keep in mind that the MOST IMPORTANT thing that makes your users happy is the "value" or "profit" they get from using your app or website. By profit we of course mean any kind of gain, not necessarily purely monetary one. If it saves them time - it's profit. If it makes them happy in any other way - profit.

Get your PMF right.

The goal of each startup is to get to Product Market Fit (PMF) which basically equals that gain or profit. It means there's a real need for your product. So now comes the easy part, right? Well, sort of. Assuming that your product already has PMF and delivers a significant "profit" to your users there's still a couple more elements that you can work on to get even more "love" from your users. Basically at that point with some extra work you can "convert them" from mere users to your brand ambassadors.

Take a look at the above graph. If you already have the "profit" part figured out now it's time to take care of two remaining factors. One of them is "Quality" (as perceived quality brings trust). The other is "easy of use" so you won't get that many user bounces. We will cover those in more detail in the next post in this series next week. Stay tuned.

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