How we redesign apps live and talk about building great products at DGS

On Tuesday, December 10th we held another Do Good S*!t event in Sopot, Poland. Our idea for this event has always been about focusing on actual quality work, with as little "jargon" and time wasting as possible. Once again we filled all the seats and delivered two presentations and a live redesign of a banking app.

hello do good shit

We started as usual by introducing the idea behind the event to all the newcomers. It was nice to see so many new faces, but also all the regulars - you make it worth it for us to think about something cool to show every month. Thank you! 👏

2020 design trends

UI Design trends for 2020 📲

Then we went through design trends that were popular in the recent years and what we believe will become popular in 2020.

skeuomorphic icons

Since flat, lifeless designs are slowly fading away, we discussed thoroughfully how real-life objects will mix with current minimal trends to form a new style (with over the top examples like the above)

We also showed some of our own examples, made especially for the upcoming book.

UI Design for board games

After that Katarzyna delivered a great talk about designing a board game with a design thinking approach and strong UI focus.


As it turns out the process is not that different from making digital products, if we want to make our real-life game the "right" way.

board game design process

It was a very nice perspective shift and we hope it gave our audience some ideas on how to use that knowledge in more "digital" UI's in the future. Especially since more "realistic" approaches are slowly gaining traction, so real-life validation may be a good way to go. ♟

katarzyna młynarczyk

Live redesign 👨🏻‍💻

Our main event was once again a live redesign that took a little over 1 hour. We didn't know what app you are going to choose before hand as the submissions were being accepted during the event. Then with 60 people looking at our every cursor movement and listening to our little rants, we started moving rectangles around (designing ;)

banking app skeuomorphism dark mode

The vote was to redesign a normally white and minimal mBank app, using both new Skeuomorphism (Neuomorphism) and Dark Mode. While those contrasts weren't necessarily right for a banking app (utility) we wanted to show a couple of techniques on how to make "more realistic" UI components from scratch. 🚀

skeuomorphic app bank

After the fact we also made a "light mode" version of this app, just to show what would be different.

skeuomorphism in code

At the very end we also quickly hacked together some code to build those UI components for the web. It turns out it's actually quite easy.

Thanks everyone for coming! 🙏 Your willingness to learn new things and also contribute some awesome ideas and questions never ceases to amaze us! ♥️ If you liked our little summary of the event don't forget to share it! :-)

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