HYPE4 at Blockchain Club by Alior Bank

Last week we spoke at Alior Bank's BlockChain Club at RBL_. With the technology going forward in both fintech and blockchain solutions and new technical breakthrough nearly every day, there's still spaces in which simple changes can make the products even better. Often these simple changes are ommitted or overlooked completely.

The main problems that we outlined were poor UI execution (low quality leads to lower trust), complex language and overly complex interfaces. A lot of these problems are relatively easy to fix, while making the user experience significantly better.

Since the big players in the industry have both the government support and scale that helps their presence (through advertising) the startups and MVP's need to try a bit harder at the little things they can change and influence. Without a proper UX and a clear marketing vision they will simply disappear, reaching only a couple of "enthusiasts" at the start. The goal is of course to reach a wider audience and get as many users as possible.

Poor UX, stock, generic visuals and difficult language will definitely result in driving the users off, instead of making them our brand ambassadors.

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On Tuesday, December 10th we held another Do Good S*!t event in Sopot, Poland. Our idea for this event has always been about focusing on actual quality work, with as little "jargon" and time wasting as possible. Once again we filled all the seats and delivered two presentations and a live redesign of a banking app.


Redesigning a mobile app in front of a live audience

On November 12th we held another "Do Good S*!t" Event in Sopot, Poland. Once again we filled all the seats and live redesigned a mobile app selected by our audience.