HYPE4 - Munich Sketch Meetup at Google

On February 28th we were in Munich, at Google HQ talking about MVP's, the history of design and how it evolved and how to handle quality assurance with large projects. As always our goal was to show things that seem obvious, but are usually overlooked.

At the beginning however we took a trip down design memory lane - back to 1998, when we used to design with rocks ;) After that we used psp, photoshop and flash, all until the point in which Skeuomorphism went away and textures were no longer needed. Then Sketch came in and changed the way we worked drastically (for the better)

One of the first memories we had of how we used to build and design things in the late 90's was the fact that web designers were actually also front-end developers. Splitting the roles creates chaos in communication that can lead to gaps and in turn lower UI quality.

We'd like to thank Silvia and Eleonor for organizing the event and inviting us. It was a pleasure! After my talk Núria Peña showed some awesome examples on how Accessibility testing can lead to significant UI improvements. All with cool examples, great methodology and interesting plugins and ways to test. 👏

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