LinkedIn is in need of a redesign - so we made one

Linkedin has for years been a "facebook for people in business suits" and even though it's full of almost meme-like materials nowadays, it's still more "professional" oriented than other social networks. However it looks a little bit "outdated" visually so we decided to take a look on how we can improve it. 😎

Think VHS tape 📼 retro style portal here. Or floppy disks. 💾

The main problem I see with Linkedin is focus on fitting too much stuff on one screen. Everything is so condensed and packed even though we're in an era of scrolling. People are not afraid to scroll, so we should relax and improve readability.


linkedin header redesigned Starting from the top, the current linkedin header is overcomplicated and packed too. So what we did is gave it some air. Then replaced the icons and fonts with something a bit more "2019". Which one do you prefer? 🤔

Colors 🎨

linkedin light header

We played around with white header for a while to make it a bit more content focused but in the end settled on the current dark color. For one it's recognizable and matches well with the linkedin blue. But also gives enough contrast to make a clear distinction of where the navigation ends and content starts.

linkedin dark header redesign

The next part was removing the three-column view. That's so 2004 and takes focus away. We moved the main (posts) column to the left and placed all quick shortcuts on the right. That way you can focus on the content along the left edge of the screen easier.


Before we look at the posts themselves let's focus on one little element first.

The action buttons. Here's how they look like currently.

linkedin action buttons

Looking good, right? Well not exactly. Let's add some guidelines here.

linkedin actions

Now you should be able to see that aside from having two different font sizes, they're all NOT vertically aligned in their boxes. That makes our brains stress out a little bit more looking for symmetry and alignment where there's none. Fixing that should be easy. We don't want to mess with our 🧠

linkedin new action buttons

And it was.

We also added some divider lines and more whitespace next to the action buttons. That way it's way easier to "parse" that section visually.

Let's look at the entire post now. Here's the current look.🚀

linkedin post style

Again - lack of dividers and whitespace makes this (especially if the post is multiline) a complete mess.

linkedin good post style

By adding a couple of dividers and moving the text BELOW the image we made it more coherent and easier to understand.


As you can see there's a lot that can be fixed with almost any popular service. If you're building your own however, you can take all that into account and make it "right" from the start. Think - whitespace - AND readability. Because in the end aesthetics is purely subjective, but if your layout is messy and hard to read that has a MEASURABLE impact on your message or sales. 🤯

linkedin redesign

What do you think? Did you like our quick vision of a "new", redesigned LinkedIn? Or do you prefer the current one?

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