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2019 was great. We're ready for 2020.

2019 was a transformational year for us. We started working on two of our own startups (internally), wrote a book, lectured at many conferences both in and outside of Poland and worked on awesome products for our clients.

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We received Clutch Leader Award for Top Developers in Poland!

We’re a digital design and development agency that builds truly amazing products. Although HYPE4 is based in Warszawa, Poland, we don’t let borders hold us back; we’ve developed web and mobile solutions for clients in more than 20 countries, including the US, Canada, Israel, and Spain.


Do Good Shit - HYPE4 design event in Sopot

We were always a bit different than a typical agency. Our goals and aspirations were never about replicating the success of "some guys in business suits" and fluorescent lights. It took a while to put into words, but our main philosophy can be summarised as "Do Good Shit!".

Design + UX

Redesigning the Polish Train Travel Mobile experience

I travel by train a lot. Usually the same 3 hour route between the cities HYPE4 is most active in. The trains are fast and high quality, but sadly the mobile app experience leaves a lot to be desired. First of all it's made in a very oldschool way, without a proper UX process.

Design + UX

mObywatel Polish ID App redesign exercise

Last June I was so preoccupied while traveling that I forgot my national ID card from home. That caused a small problem, as I needed it to confirm my identity at the TOOL concert in Krakow so I had to find a way. Going back 400km home to get my ID wasn't obviously a desired outcome. There had to be another way.

Design + UX

Design System for a startup, best practices

As we've mentioned in the previous post, design systems against popular belief CAN and SHOULD be used by startups as well. They don't need to be as robust as ones made for established brands, but adapting the "design system" first approach allows you to iterate faster on MVP stage as well. Here's why and how. ➡️

Design + UX

How to start a design system - the basics

Design systems may sound scary for an early stage company, but trust me they can have a huge impact on both your MVP and final product. They bring quality, consistency and improve execution speed tremendously. So let's talk about the easy steps to creating a design system.

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