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Design + UX

Is your product functional, or just eye-candy?

If you think these projects ARE good, you're mistaken.

Design + UX

App users hate this - how to avoid uninstalls?

The most common problems causing people to uninstall your app.

Design + UX

You won't believe what Skype designers missed

Skype came forward with a new, great redesign of their iOS app. But they made one UX mistake that takes away the glory.

Design + UX

Why content carousels are not the optimal choice

Sliders, or carousels are rarely improving the user experience and content recognizability.

Design + UX

Augmented Reality is more practical than VR

With the recent developments by Apple and Microsoft, Augmented Reality can beat VR and become the main digital "reality"

Design + UX

the 3 pixel paradigm shift

Why all those little detail matters - i.e. let's not make sh** products, please.

Design + UX

Why grey wireframes are a song of the past

Grey wireframes are now thankfully long gone from most processes.

Design + UX

How we build mobile apps

Our approach to building mobile products differs from a typical one in the industry.

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