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Pantone 2021 Color of the year and UI

Is Pantone color of the year even relevant to user interface design? Has it been on top of the most recent trends in the last few years?
=== Is Pantone color of the year even relevant to user interface design? Has it been on top of the most recent trends in the last few years? Well... Not really.

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Pantone color of the year doesn't influence UI too much

Near the end of each year the designer community gets briefly excited by the next Pantone Color of the Year. However after a few "example projects" quickly built with that color it quickly fades away into obscurity. We don't follow print-media trends, with which it's probably more directly tied, but in UI design the yearly trends are usually non-existent.


Design Systems basics at DesignWays 2019 conference

On November 30 Michał took the stage at the DesignWays Conference in Kraków, to talk about "systemic approach to design". The goal wasn't to push design systems per se, but more of a push towards having any kind of a system in place. Even the simplest set of rules will improve the consistency and speed of building digital products.


Talking about Design Systems at WUD Trójmiasto 2019

On November 2019, I had the pleasure of sharing his design system knowledge with the attendees of the annual Tri-City World Usability Day. Since the main theme of this year's event was designing for the future we want - the presentation was full of tips on how to make that future consistent and high quality.


Redesigning a mobile app in front of a live audience

On November 12th we held another "Do Good S*!t" Event in Sopot, Poland. Once again we filled all the seats and live redesigned a mobile app selected by our audience.


We received Clutch Leader Award for Top Developers in Poland!

We’re a digital design and development agency that builds truly amazing products. Although HYPE4 is based in Warszawa, Poland, we don’t let borders hold us back; we’ve developed web and mobile solutions for clients in more than 20 countries, including the US, Canada, Israel, and Spain.


Do Good Shit - HYPE4 design event in Sopot

We were always a bit different than a typical agency. Our goals and aspirations were never about replicating the success of "some guys in business suits" and fluorescent lights. It took a while to put into words, but our main philosophy can be summarised as "Do Good Shit!".

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