Pantone color of the year doesn't influence UI too much

Near the end of each year the designer community gets briefly excited by the next Pantone Color of the Year. However after a few "example projects" quickly built with that color it quickly fades away into obscurity.

We don't follow print-media trends, with which it's probably more directly tied, but in UI design the yearly trends are usually non-existent. How many apps with the Coral theme have you seen in 2019? For us even looking through portfolio sites it was less than 1%.

pantone color of 2020 not relevant

UI doesn't follow Pantone trends that closely

Just by looking at Dribbble it's easy to see that the most dominant color in 2019 wasn't "living coral", but rather a mix of blue and purple. Coincidentaly our rebranding from over three years ago went with the colors that are now the most popular combo, lucky us ;)

Looking at the 2020 trend of a dark, desaturated blue it actually may fall closer to reality this time. However at least for now more vibrant colors are trending worldwide. Blue is always the safest choice as it's the most favorable color among all target groups. It's "easy" to use blue everywhere and be safe. In it's classic forms it's also considered "corporate" and cold.

mixing pantone 2019 and 2020

Mix and Match

However using a blockframe to mix and match the 2019 and 2020 pantone can lead to some interesting results with just enough color difference to avoid the "bleeding edge of doom" (mixing saturated blue and saturated red creates a horrible contrast effect that hurts the eyes).

While this new blue will likely be used wider than the Coral, it's really nothing new in UI and we suspect that once again most designs will choose a completely different color set. As it's been a few years of vivid, saturated colors, maybe more pastel, muted ones will be in this year.

What do you think the 2020 color trend will be?

You can follow our DRIBBBLE ACCOUNT to see what colors we've used in the recent years.

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