Redesigning a mobile app in front of a live audience

On November 12th we held another "Do Good S*!t" Event in Sopot, Poland. Once again we filled all the seats and live redesigned a mobile app selected by our audience.

dgs live (fot. @piocan)

The goal of these events is to show that high quality is important and even small changes can bring about a massive improvement. We also try to leave the UX jargon behind us and talk straight to the point. It allows us to be better understood and makes the entire "experience" more human. One of the biggest problems in the UX industry is it's affinity with long, difficult words. In many cases bad design is simply hiding behind those words to make it look smart or informed. The truth is that it all comes down to how you plan - design - execute. As simple as that, and a breath of fresh air.

how to become a unicorn designer

How to become a unicorn designer (UX+UI)

We started with Diana - our Lead Designer talking about becoming a UI+UX unicorn and why this particular separation is important. Of course we understand that UI is a part of UX, but at the same time most people who call themselves UX designers can't do UI at all. Bridging gaps between competencies and creating unicorns should be the goal for every company hoping to improve the workflows and general execution quality.

How to become a designer (fot. K. Maj)

How we learned design? The hard way.

We shared some of our processes and showed our selected design work from 2010-2017. It's a huge, 300 project collection that makes a nice, colorful mosaic. Since we focused on actual design instead of talking in meeting rooms, we were able to both learn a lot and get really efficient.

hype4 design showcase

After that Michal showed some funny examples of UI gone wrong, and we started collecting audience submissions for the app to redesign.

bad tooltip design

Live redesign event

We received a couple of submissions and voted on which one to redesign. The one that was chosen was for a scooter sharing service.

live redesign

We started by identifying the main problems (both UX and visual) with the product first. It came from a live discussion with the audience and our pointers and we arrived at some conclusions that would help us to start the redesign right.

design problems

The next part was the actual redesign that included questions and suggestions from our audience. Michal went step by step, explaining everything he's doing or changing and the entire exercise took 1 hour and 15 minutes.

redesigning an app live

We are quite happy with the result. Are you?

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