Sketch beginner workshops by HYPE4 at PPNT Gdynia

On April 17th we ran our first Sketch workshop at PPNT in Gdynia. The idea was to show Sketch as a viable Adobe competitor in UI design by designing a simple one screen app together. We chose iPhone 8 as the template so we didn't have to worry about the notch 😎

sketch design workshop gdynia

Follow along design process

We started with both UX and UI - without wireframes. The students followed along but were encouraged to choose their own photos, content, typography and colors. That way after the workshop was over everyone had a similar, yet very different outcome. It allowed them to call it their own and for some it was a nice start in portfolio building.

designing apps in sketch gdynia

Good outcomes

We were happy to notice that the "follow along" design method worked really well. Every one of the attendees managed to finish the project without problems. We weren't focusing on typography and colors, but in some cases they were also spot-on.

That was the first in a series of workshops (on various skill levels) that we'll be doing this year.

ux zone sketch workshop

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