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Sketch design workshop by HYPE4

On April 17th at PPNT Gdynia, we conducted an entry level sketch design workshop. After going through the interface basics and competing (similar) apps, we live-designed (along with the students) one screen of a mobile app (iPhone 8)

We were building both UX and UI at the same time. There were no wireframes, but anyone could choose their own color schemes, fonts and content (including photos) so every screen at the end was "similar yet different". That allowed for each attendee to have a personal touch in the design instead of something generic.

We were happy to see that "live design" collaboration works really well. Every single attendee finished the exercise. Some font and color choices would be questionable, but they weren't the point of this exercise.

This was the first from a series of workshops (with different difficulties) that we plan on doing this year.

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