Talking about UX at Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny

At the recent TIPI UX event we spoke about user experience, UI quality and if designers should also code. Short version - a bit! The main goal was to identify and audit main ux problems and show easy and quick solutions to fix them.

minimum visible precision

Minimum Visible Precision

The title of the talk was "Minimum Visible Precision" which was a play on MVP. In most cases there's the notion that MVP's don't have to be refined to test their viability. That is not exactly true. Instead of doing a product that looks half-baked or like a wireframe, it's best to limit it on functionalities first. Keeping the design aesthetic and consistent is key to actually making your initial users happy. And if they're not happy or perceive the product to be "a wireframe", they can give you feedback leading to not launching the product at all.

banking apps ux and ui

Looking at the big players

We also analysed some of the existing apps - mostly by large, established companies showing how even they are making small, easy to fix mistakes. That way every startup could avoid them before launch by simply designing around the problems. That ended up in quite a lot of laughs - we don't normally notice many of these things until they're pointed out. Then we see them everywhere.

designers should code

Should designers code?

We also mentioned one unpopular oppinion which is that we believe that all designers should do BOTH UX and UI and know a little bit of coding. That way they understand all the processes from information architecture to the UI implementation and knowing how it's later put together for optimal handover.

We analysed many of our own projects and showed the startups that even though every project is different there still is a "checklist" of things to consider. Most of them are easy and will bring a startup to another level entirely. 🚀 Thanks for having us PPNT Gdynia and Tipi UX guys!

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