UX - Blockchain Business Łódź 2019


On February 18th we were in Lodz, where we took stage at the Blockchain Business Łódź and talked about UX, quality control and necessary steps to increase crypto and blockchain adoption. We focused on showing the startups on which grounds they can compete (and beat) the big players and that they should focus on those, where they can't win with advertisting budgets to gain trust.

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We are going to Hard Fork Decentralized 2018

We will be in London at the TNW's Hard Fork Decentralized conference this december. We're launching our own crypto-related startup this year, so it's exciting to see what the industry has been up to.

Design + UX

You won't believe what Skype designers missed

Skype came forward with a new, great redesign of their iOS app. But they made one UX mistake that takes away the glory.

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