UX - Blockchain Business Łódź 2019

On February 18th we were in Lodz, where we took stage at the Blockchain Business Łódź and talked about UX, quality control and necessary steps to increase crypto and blockchain adoption. We focused on showing the startups on which grounds they can compete (and beat) the big players and that they should focus on those, where they can't win with advertisting budgets to gain trust.

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Design + UX

How execution quality affects user trust

In the last blog we mentioned the effect of "gain" or "profit" on your users trust. If there's something to gain, trust is a natural next step. There are of course cases of "too good to be true" offers that people simply don't believe in, but they are rare.


HYPE4 at Blockchain Club by Alior Bank

=== Last week we spoke at Alior Bank's BlockChain Club at RBL_. With the technology going forward in both fintech and blockchain solutions and new technical breakthrough nearly every day, there's still spaces in which simple changes can make the products even better.