We are going to Hard Fork Decentralized 2018

We will be in London at the TNW's Hard Fork Decentralized conference this december. We're launching our own crypto-related startup this year, so it's exciting to see what the industry has been up to.

We're also prepared a document outlining the common problems with crypto adoption that can be solved by design. The slideshare can be found here: How to raise adoption of your crypto or blockchain product through design

If you want to meet up in London look for us at The Exchange event on December 13th. It's good to see the industry growing with many interesting startups and presenters coming from all over the world.

Also don't forget we're launching Estibits any day now :)

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2019 was great. We're ready for 2020.

2019 was a transformational year for us. We started working on two of our own startups (internally), wrote a book, lectured at many conferences both in and outside of Poland and worked on awesome products for our clients.

Design + UX

Talking about UX at Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny

At the recent TIPI UX event we spoke about user experience, UI quality and if designers should also code. Short version - a bit! The main goal was to identify and audit main ux problems and show easy and quick solutions to fix them.