Why Sign in with Apple is a REALLY big deal

For a while now we got used to quick signups via Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts (and previously the now discontinued Google+). While it was convenient and fast, many people started to feel alarmed by growing privacy concerns and various leaks. We weren't sure how much of our data is shared with third parties and how it will be used.

It's a big deal!

Sign in with Apple seems to be a way of Apple saying they're going the privacy route all the way, as nothing really is shared with anyone. Down to randomly generated email aliasses and quick opt-outs in iCloud. That of course is great for the user, but advertisers won't be so happy. They may have to look for other, creative way of getting real user data. Especially when removing the "random" email from a specific provider is going to be so easy.

The privacy concerns are growing among the users so this is a great move. Many people will prefer to use that method of signing in above the rest, as with all the privacy it's still as fast and convenient as they are.

We will be adding Sign in with Apple to our apps and our Client's products in the fall.

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