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We designed and coded the most innovative and user friendly Investment Fund buying platform

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The idea

To create the most innovative Investment Fund buying platform in Poland, that everyone can use - you don't have to be an experienced investor to start. You can also become a virtual investor to test out various scenarios without risking your funds.

Our approach

We analysed other investing platforms and realised they have a very high 'point of entry'. The goal here was to make something much easier to start with, with pleasant aesthetics and easy to understand interface that suits both new investors and power users.

Our client says

HYPE4 strives to achieve goals in a timely and cost-efficent manner.
The team's outstanding flexibility and responsiveness have led to a long-term engagement. We've found that they are truly a result-driven partner.

Key points

Clear, friendly interface

We looked at all the other platforms and decided unanimously that they are NOT the way we want to go here. Instead we took a User Centric approach to design, making something both beautiful and functional, that works for all kinds of end users.

Visualising the data

As with any good Fintech product, KupFundusz has plenty of charts, graphs and tables. They are all designed to be readable and beautiful. They're also animated and fully interactive, with clear tooltips and fast data processing.

Funds catalogue

The catalogue is the first point of entry, helping you find the right investment funds for you. We went for a non-refresh approach to sorting and filtering and very readable and clear information about each element - including the ratings.

Investment wizard & helpful tools

Power users can go right to the investing, but if you're new to the platform, an easy to understand, very visual onboarding takes you through the steps to build your investor profile. It even suggests types of funds you should look into!

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