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React & React Native


We chose React as our main technology as it enables us to build transformative digital products using modern technology.


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React projects this year

Why React?

React is design system oriented and has a modern base that's constantly evolving. It's currently the number one technology in the world for both web and mobile, that also connects well to the design tools we use.

Our recent React project

We used React to build Estibits - our in-house cryptocurrency AI Analysis tool. It allowed us to create a rich and powerful user interface and a reusable design system for designing and developing future functionalities.

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React developers

Our react development studio is mainly focused on React and React Native coding. We build out components of scalable design system for products of all sizes. React enables us to be a lot closer to the designs, which results in great final products, flexibility and awesome interactions.

Using the power of React to build great things.

Because our design tools are also react based, we build entire design systems for projects big and small that are fully customizable and ready to both use and expand with new features. React also allows us to quickly and efficiently test and deploy multiplatform solutions that look great in every potential breakpoint.

Let's build a great React app together!

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