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We help banks, consultancies and other financial institutions in building modern mobile and web based products

Fintech made great

High-tech solutions

A finance-related app should have the highest build quality and look as professional and friendly as a great consumer product. To make a fintech product great, we try to get rid of archaic methodology and solutions that didn't age well. Out of date concepts are transformed to modern, friendly and very usable ideas. We have experiences in bulding products based on chat-bots and machine learning.

Accessibility is the key

Readability, clear color messaging and a general friendly approach are a must in a modern fintech product. The goal is to make a regular user into a loyal user through very high quality design and implementation. We craft animations and transitions that give context and life to increase the functionality and ease of use.

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Trust and security

One of the most crucial goals of any financial app is to build trust and security for their users. That can be achieved by mixing the brand guidelines with the best user experience and design practices. We have experiences in building security related interfaces (PIN, Password, Token), biometrics (fingerprint, voice). We optimise form-based designs to decrease drop-out rates and help with conversion.

Precision is quality

We go through a very extensive and thorough quality assurance process before launching a product. We measure everything from pixels to interaction time to make the final product as close to perfect as possible. Our processes can adjust to both fintech startups and large corporations.

We did fintech projects for:

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Payback Logo
Orange Logo
Nordea Logo
Sage Logo
Skycash Logo
Analizy Logo
Kupfundusz Logo

...BPS Group, SGB Bank, Masspay, and more

Blockchain and Distributed networks

We are exploring blockchain solutions since early 2017. Distributed networks will play a huge part in revolutionising fintech, logistics, medicine and other areas we've been building projects in. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of this technological breakthrough. We generate and deploy both smart contracts and tokens on ERC20. Exploring the use cases of HyperLedger.

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