We redesigned and coded the most respected and popular web portal about investment funds in Poland.

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The goal

To create a new, modern look for the most well known investor portal in Central Europe. We wanted to make the portal more readable and user friendly, without sacrificing the power-user features.

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Finance, Investments, Investment Funds, Fintech, Data Visualisation

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Scope of project

Complex portal, rich in data and dynamic diagrams, blogs and video materials, both desktop and mobile version. UI/UX design, Front-end development, Branding, key visuals, landing pages, social media and marketing materials.


Key Challenges and functionalities

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Visualising the data

We already had a lot of experience with data visualisation for (a part of the Analizy family of brands) but here we wanted to push it even further with clearer, faster loading and even better looking graphs, charts and data tables.


Funds catalogues

The fund catalogues are the main way of finding investment opportunities. We wanted to make them more readable and larger, but also included a more condensed version for power-users and professional investors. That way we don't overwhelm the new users, while keeping the pro's happy.


E-learning platform

An E-learning platform is a large part of the new Analizy portal - we decided to color code the entire interface depending on each e-learning section, so the users can quickly identify the topics and browse with ease.


News, articles & blogs structure

Blogs and articles were brought front and center, with emphasis on readability and a newspaper like structure - easy discoverability, clear headlines and lots of whitespace. Social media sharing has been redesigned to accomodate quick linking and blogs were personalized to fit each author perfectly.

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Process behind the project



Aquiring essential knowledge about the client, the product, the industry, future users and their needs. Learning about investment funds from the perspective of data.

Wireframing and design

Creating the whole structure of the product with the Analizy IT team, workshops and prototypes that led to final high-fidelity designs.


Building pixel-perfect screens based on a design system with special care of mixing functionality and ease of use with very high visual quality.

QA & Optimalisation

The team went thorough on device and stress testing of all parts of the site. The goal was to make the portal lightweight and super fast.

Maintenance & Support

After finalising the product, we provided necessary support and maintenance services on a partnership basis that are still ongoing.


Tools we Used

We developed using top-notch and up-to-date technologies, that are reliable, future-proof and scalable.

Sketch + InVision

Sketch is the gold standard of modern UI design. We combined it with fully interactive inVision prototypes.


jQuery is a popular, robust JavaScript library. We primarily used it for interactive components and animations.


We use HTML5, CSS3 and JS for pixel-perfect and search engine friendly projects.

Data-Driven Documents

We use D3.js for producing custom, visually rich interactive data visualizations, charts and graphs.

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