Case study of building the most innovative investment fund buying platform.

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The goal

To create the most innovative Investment Fund buying platform in Poland, that everyone can use - you don’t have to be an experienced investor to start.

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Finance, Investments, Investment Funds, Fintech, Data Visualisation

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Scope of project

Complex portal, rich in data and dynamic diagrams, both desktop and mobile version. Branding, key visuals, landing pages, social media and marketing materials.


Key Challenges and functionalities

of KupFundusz.pl


Visualising the data

The biggest challenge in the project were the diagrams and graphs, showing the complicated, rich data in a clear, understandable and friendly way.


User friendly approach

Investing doesn’t need to be boring! We focused on creating appealing interface, illustrations and iconography. You can take interactive investor test, and learn how to invest with and investing game, with 0% risk and 100% fun.


Funds catalogue

We developed dynamic, real-time catalogue with robust filtering and all the neccessary information, helpful ranks and risk ratios. We created convenient, one-click comparising and buying process. Investing was never that easy!


Investment wizard & helpful tools

We did automated, smart personal investment and wallet creator. Just pick the right funds from the suggested list, based on your investor profile.

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Process behind the project

This is how we did KupFundusz.pl


Aquiring essential knowledge about the client, the product, the industry, future users and their needs. Learning about investment funds.

Wireframing and design

Creating the whole structure of the product, then turning the wireframes into final design screens.


Building pixel-perfect screens based on a design system with care of functionality and visual quality.

QA & Optimalisation

Went thorough on device and stress testing. Making the product lightweight and fast.

Maintenance & Support

After finalising the product, we provided necessary support and maintenance services.


Tools we Used

We developed KupFundusz.pl using top-knotch and up-to-date technologies, that are reliable, future-proof and scalable.

Sketch + InVision

Sketch is the gold standard of modern UI design. We combined it with fully interactive inVision prototypes.


jQuery is a popular, robust JavaScript library. We primarily used it for interactive components and animations.


We use HTML5, CSS3 and JS for pixel-perfect and search engine friendly projects.

Data-Driven Documents

We use D3.js for producing custom, visually rich interactive data visualizations, charts and graphs.

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Our client says

"HYPE4 has once again proven to deliver. The designers cooperated with the developers at every stage of the project, delivering exceptional quality and meeting all the deadlines.”

Bartosz Wardziński, Project Manager at KupFundusz.pl

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